Creating Divine Partnership

Have you ever dreamed of 

a fairy-tale relationship? 

Then later came to believe they only existed in Disney movies.

That’s what we thought after our previous divorces...but fortunately, we learned to bless the broken road that led us to each other. 

It’s never to late to become what you've always dreamed.

Join Greg and Tamara and discover what’s possible in Creating Divine Partnership.

You will be shown a treasure map,


that leads you to a love that is never lost, but patiently awaits your return…fall madly in love with you! We tell other’s how to treat us, by the way we treat ourselves…

True riches unlock powerful secrets of relating… Greg and Tamara share dynamic scripts for navigating toward Deeper Treasures of Intimacy.

Intimacy = “Into Me See”

Attract the love of your life, by being the love of your life.

As water seeks it’s own level in relationships,

so do Self-Esteems in relationships.

Because we attract similar levels of emotional development…it’s important to “first”

become what you desire.

It’s not so important to “find” the right person,

As it is to “be” the right person…


Into Me See = Intimacy

Awakening Kiss...

 Bliss in Divine Partnership...

Share your life with "your" perfect match...

It is possible!

Have you found the love of your life and want to get married?
Book Greg and Tamara for "YOUR AUTHENTIC" wedding...

They provide pre-marital counseling and will officiate your authentic wedding ceremony! They'll assist in conflict resolution, thus preventing bridezilla and groomasaurus as emotions may run high with family members. We'll interview friends and family in order to gather great stories to share at the ceremony and conduct "Your" Authentic Wedding.

Check out Greg and Tamara's Wedding at Zappos

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Follow up visit at Zappos
"Zappos Newlyweds"

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Check out our 
"Creating Divine Partnership Cruise"

Imagine... getting away from your home and office 
where computers 
and cell phones can not reach on the big blue ocean!

Where all your food and entertainment are taken care of...

The days at sea are intensely bonding workshops!

Where participants are given scripts to experience themselves as extraordinary!

Then practiced in role plays...

And embraced through understanding...

Coached through deep processes...

And shared in front of the group...

After excursions on land...

And implementing the new relationship skills at sea,

we shared dinners together...