Greg Montana: Quantum Physics Engineer; Former Monk for 8 Years; Author of: Your Pain is Your Credential Unlock Your Heart Virtue; Successfully Coached Individual Clients for over 10 years; Master Trainer for Audiences of over 1,200 and has presented to over 10,000 People throughout his Speaking Career. He has appeared on several radio and public access television shows.  

Greg is also the Creator and Founder of Heart Virtues Inc. During his years as a Monk, he spent over 15,000 hours in meditation. During that time he developed a proprietary process of identifying each person’s Heart Virtue. One’s Heart Virtue is usually hidden in a blind spot. Your Heart Virtue resides at the core of who you are…it’s the very thing a person is willing to die for, but more importantly…live for.

For example: Mother Teresa’s Heart Virtue was Compassion; Martin Luther King’s was Brotherhood; Abraham Lincoln’s was Unity, Gandhi was Peaceful Liberation, etc.

Greg studied the lives of heroes like these and found they mastered three basic skills: They Knew who they were; They Communicated Powerfully and Beautifully and made a Huge Contribution to Humanity.

Greg found that once people knew who they were by identifying their Heart Virtue, the skills of healing emotionally became effortless. Once participants discover the hero inside them, they uncover their island to stand on, and are encouraged to turn their pain into a credential. He and his wife Tamara have practiced successful therapeutic interventions using authentic communication in their workshops. Clients are then able to demonstrate their ability to speak powerfully and beautifully, while reciting their legacy.  

Tamara Montana: Licensed Psychotherapist; Senior Social Worker for 11 years working with abused children and their families; Human Sexuality Professor for 7 years in an auditorium of 300 students; Author of the first of eight children books in the chronicles called:  Emerald Echo, Beyond this world there is a world I want… A Unique Underwater Journey “Within” Exploring the Universal Truths of Forgiveness, Freedom and Unlocking Your Heart Virtue. She is also the author of Living on the Edge of Goodbye…A Story of Hope, Healing and Encouragement after Betrayal (soon to be published); Radio Talk Show Host and Heart Virtue Expert. Tamara’s extensive background in the field of psychology includes working with relationship issues in regards to individuals, couples and families.

Tamara has an eclectic approach that is not limited to, but involves using Bowen Theory (Geneogram); Virginia Satir Models (Parts Party); Psychodrama with some Gestalt Therapy; Spiritual Psychology; Self Psychology; Psychodynamic; Carl Rogers; Object Relations; Humanistic; Cognitive Behavioral Techniques; Sand Tray Therapy; Marriage and Divorce Counseling. She is also certified in Mediation and Hypnotherapy. Tamara has also been fortunate to work with emancipated youth in preparing them for their future and enjoys leading highly experiential workshops and coaching sessions with her husband Greg.

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