Become a Heart Virtue Expert

We are proud to have 
Veronica Buna as our Heart Virtue Expert Trainer 

Veronica Buna is a significant and integral part of forwarding the beautiful vision of billions knowing their Heart Virtue.™Veronica has demonstrated the value of living her own Heart Virtue and is committed to Respect, Integrity and Confidence. 

When you meet Veronica, and experience her passion for can’t help but be swept away in what is possible for their own life. To watch another who has suffered from not being clear about who they are, then leading them through a profound process of unlocking their Heart Virtue and witness that person not only realize their power, but also stand in their power and be acknowledged, makes Veronica’s heart sing.

Congratulations Veronica, you have earned your wings as you step into your power of leading others in becoming Heart Virtue Experts. Today, Veronica is not only a Heart Virtue Expert, but also our Heart Virtue Expert Trainer. She is also facilitating “Unlock Your Heart Virtue” workshops with high-schools. Veronica also works as a facilitator for Dynamix Adventures and for Peak Potentials Training as a member of the on-site logistics team and an assistant trainer.

Veronica and her family Steve, Nadia, Chris and Sebastian Buna founded a training and event hosting company; EPIC-U: Empowering Passion, Integrity and Confidence. EPIC-U is a company dedicated to providing an open and supportive space for people aspiring to live life at a level 10 passionately and powerfully while making your unique meaningful contribution to the world. Veronica, having graduated from Concordia University with a BA Specialization in Communications Studies, also takes on the role of communications director and facilitator for EPIC-U.

Contact Veronica at:

(514) 582-2293