How many of us live a life…other people think we should, 
and still…never feel satisfied?

In our AuthenTools training you will learn how to turn your most painful experiences into credentials for making a contribution.

We believe Your Pain is Your Credential.

The Montana's and Buna's have put together a series of role plays and exercises. 

You’ll learn how to see past your Blind Spots and understand how your Taboo, Façade and Ditch have played out over and over again in your life, preventing you from living the life you love. 

Unlock your vision and learn how to use the most Powerful Life Compass to align every decision with your heart’s purpose.

You’ll learn how to embrace 
All of Who You Are…
Together we’ll Create a LiFormula 
you can use to fulfill your purpose and leave your legacy

You’ll receive 3 key steps to finding the most Rewarding Career Position. 
We’ve developed the tools that will train you to live in alignment 
with your Hero by putting your Heart Virtue to work in your life! 

Soar in the direction
of your Purpose...


with the Buna's and Montana's

EPICU and Heart Virtue

The Montana's and Buna's planned extraordinary experiences 
for participants in the New Year at Hilton Head, South Carolina...

Gathering at meal times during the last workshop...

Divine Intimacy Workshop!