Once you know your Heart Virtue,

the next step… is to speak it powerfully and beautifully. 

You’ll gain the tools at AuthenTalk on how to break out of mediocrity and tribal agreements in order to become an Authentic Master Communicator.

Are the words that come out of your mouth, in alignment with what is the most meaningful to you?

You will learn how to make a stand, Acknowledge Your Boundaries
and ask for what you want.
You’ll learn how to simply release negative behaviors, and still receive the emotional payoffs; turn from old addictions and move toward empowering choices in the direction of your dream through a proven series of exercises. You’ll master “Chaos” 
and "Acting As If." 

With Greg and Tamara Montana, you’ll master the art of 
"Embracing All of Who You are."

Break through illusions and rules that hold you back from Authentic Self-Expression through Innocence.

We’ll practice one of the most powerful listening techniques that will allow you to listen to anyone, say anything…without taking it personally. 

You’ll learn how to listen to others with Curiosity and Courage. You’ll experience tremendous healing from the past, by being “heard” in the present.  

AuthenTalk on "Listening"

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Learn to say "No" to what no longer serves you and move in the direction 
of "your" dreams!


Speak Authentically!

Authentic Happy Dance on Stage!

Tamara's Happy Dance!

Greg's Happy Dance!

Schedule Greg and Tamara, 
and identify
"Your Group's" 
Virtuous, Authentic Culture!