Are you READY to Learn What Drives You?

Greg studied the lives of Heroes and realized that they all had 3 Skills:
1 - Know Self  - They had Clarity
2 - Spoke Their Truth - They had Confidence
3 - Gave Their Gift - They made a great Contribution

After years of research and meditation he discovered 
how anyone can live with
Authentic Clarity and Confidence 
and created 3 Steps for people to master these 3 Skills:

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Know Yourself
Know your Purpose... it'll give you goosebumps!

Speak Your Truth
After you know your Heart Virtue 
GET your personal Mission Statement:

Give Your Gift
If you Speak your Heart Virtue and your LiFormula frequently
you establish a reputation and build your sphere of influence.

Replace Fear and Confusion with

You came to this earth for a reason...
Many times we find ourselves at the fork in the road 
wondering which path to take? 

Knowing your Heart Virtue illuminates the next steps.
the choice becomes effortless.

Taking the path of 

"Your Authentic Hero"
starts with knowing who you are, and where you stand 
by "Unlocking Your Heart Virtue."
Then, learn how Your Pain is Your Credential.

 You've heard the saying, "If you want to be crazy successful, do what you love." 
But many who want to make more money, don't know themselves enough to know what they'd enjoy contributing.
When you "Know Thyself" and see that Your Pain is Your Credential... will make the huge contributions you were born for, 
and rewards beyond wealth will fill your life.

Greg Montana, The Quantum Monk studied quantum physics. 
During the
8 years Greg was a monk
, he studied the lives of heroes.
And h
e discovered some reoccurring patterns. 

Heroes mastered 3 skills. 
The first skill was: 
They all knew their Heart Virtue

For example:
Mother Teresa's Heart Virtue was Compassion, 
Martin Luther King's Heart Virtue was Brotherhood, 
Abraham Lincoln's Heart Virtue was Unity, etc.

What are you committed to?!

You may think you know, 
but not one has successfully guessed their Heart Virtue, 
In the next few minutes you could find out...
by taking the Heart Virtue test!

When we asked people who took the Heart Virtue Assessment"What did you receive from knowing your Heart Virtue?" 

They said, "It gave me Clarity and Confidence about myself and my life direction.

You came here for a reason, 

This site is designed to take you through the "3 Steps"
All Heroes Mastered
1. Know Yourself (Your Heart Virtue)
2. Speak Your Truth (Powerfully and Beautifully)
3. Give Your Gift (Leave Your Legacy)
These "3 Skills" address: 
The "Top Five Regrets" people have on their death bed...

1. They wish they would have Spent more time in Contemplation
2. They wish they would have Taken more Risks
3. They wish they would have Left Something of Value behind
4. They wish they would have Said, "I Love you" more 
5. They wish they would have Laughed more

Are you ready to live "Your Life" 
with No Regrets?
It may be time for you 

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 Tip #1 - Never share your dreams with people that do not have the power, 
desire or resources to make your dreams come true. 

 Tip #2 - Share your dreams each day with one person that has the 
desire and resources to make your dreams come true. 

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Meet Your Hero!
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The Heart Virtue Assessment Test is a tool 
that will ask you unique questions 
about yourself to identify your Heart Virtue. 
There are 2 components to your Heart Virtue, 
which the single common denominator 
behind all your most meaningful experiences. 
Knowing your Heart Virtue, 
you will understand and stop criticizing 
your impassioned behaviors, 
and you will have a tool 
for making more rewarding choices.


Your LiFormula integrates 7 parts of yourself 
that most people do not want to look at, 
but that contain vital data for revealing 
the nature of Your Inner Hero 
(the part of you that wants to make a great contribution
to humanity and enjoy the rich rewards).

Watch these video Introductions to Heart Virtues...
When you know your Heart Virtue 
you will understand what drives all your emotions, 
decisions and inspirations. 

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Here's what we mean by: 
Goosebumps and Rage Moments

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Take a look at how the observer effect
plays a role in knowing your Heart Virtue...

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The mentors, Joy and Bliss are dolphins who reveal how our hearts echo to us from the future, reflecting back the highest version of ourselves. All of us are made in the image of God, and the internal voice of "what's possible," (no matter what we've been through), calls us forward in divine purpose...if we are listening. 

The Chronicles of Emerald Echo have been likened to The Chronicles of Narnia.
Also... "A Course in Miracles" made simple.
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