Teacher Leadership Professional Development Google Site

The purpose of this site is to provide a direct link to registering for professional development designed for teacher leaders and administrators. Information that can be found on this site is the title of the professional learning,  a description of the professional learning and the a live link for registering to attend the professional learning.

These professional learning opportunities are being offered at Heartland AEA but are open to districts state-wide. There is also a link to the state-wide TLC site for access to professional learning being offered across the state by other AEAs and districts.

An additional resource available to districts is an AEA Instructional Coach contact person. Our AEA Instructional Coaches are Nicole Patton, Michelle Vaughan, and Kristin Orton. Our instructional coaches work to provide technical support to teacher leaders and teacher leader teams in the area of coaching, coaching cycles, working to coordinate the work across teacher leadership teams and problem solving with individual or small groups of instructional coaches. Our instructional coaches work in collaboration with Regional Directors and regional AEA staff to partner with districts so that Teacher Leadership is in service of district goals and improved student learning.

A table with each district and contact name of an AEA Instructional Coach is available below.