The Humboldt Bay Pickleball Club exists for the purpose of promoting pickleball on the North Coast of California. We serve players from communities all around Humboldt Bay. Our goal is to encourage the growth of this fun sport; develop venues for playing pickleball; provide instruction and equipment so new players can learn the sport; develop social and competitive activities; and to keep lines of communication open so Humboldt Bay Pickleballers are provided with current information on what’s happening with Pickleball locally, regionally and across the nation.  Your support as a member helps us to provide a healthy, active, and fun pickleball environment that we can all enjoy for many years to come. The club bylaws are available on-line. 

Annual dues are $10 per person. Being a member helps you give a voice to pickleball in Humboldt County. Beginning in 2018, we have used TrackitHub and PayPal to collect membership dues. Log in to with your email address. You may need to tell it you forgot your password in order to set up a new one. After you get logged in, attempt to join the Humboldt Bay Pickleball Club group. You will be directed to PayPal. If you have any trouble with this process please use the Contact Us form to describe your difficulties. All members will be added to the HPBPC GoogleGroup email/discussion list. You will be able to contribute to discussions about pickleball issues and eligible to vote on club officers and issues. 

There is a new Humboldt-Pickleball GoogleGroup that is intended as an email list for all local players, whether they belong to the club or not. Request to join this group if you'd like to receive notifications about pickleball activities in the area.

Many members are happy to introduce new players to the game of pickleball. Use the Contact Us tab to tell us an Open Play time when you would like to learn, and we can arrange for an experienced player to teach you the game.  

We are currently a white-board system to organize play at the Adorni Center. Guidelines for this system are in this Google Doc. This system replaced a two-paddle-rack system that we used previously.