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Scholastic forms will be sent home every month at the beginning of the month and are due at the end of that month. Please note that payment must be made by cheque, or you can pay online. No cash as cash cannot be sent in the mail. Cheques can be made out to Scholastic Canada Ltd.


Dear parents and students,
    EQAO begins on Tuesday and runs through Thursday.  There are 4 Language sections and 2 Math sections.  This can be a stressful, tiring few days for students!  One thing that we've found helps students through this challenge is having something to look forward to when they finish a section and are still waiting at their seats for the period to end.  Something you can do with your child this weekend is take them out to buy a new book they like or pick-up some puzzle or colouring books that interests them and that they can do quietly at their desk independently.  The only other thing we recommend this weekend is get lots of rest! :)

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