Fun, Easy School Musicals

The Garden        
 In search of a new home, Lenora the ladybug comes across a beautiful garden. But Bennie, the bean plant, and Special, the rose, tell poor Lenora to bug off and go live in a nearby English garden. Rejected, Lenora ventures off to find a new home. But in the meantime, some rascally aphids invade the garden and begin chewing up all the plants. Can Bennie and Special, with the help of the other garden insects, convince Lenora to come back and scare away the aphids before the garden is destroyed? three magi notice a star announcing the birth of a new king, they load up their camels and set out across the desert bearing gifts. Sammy, the smallest of the camels, yearns to go along on the journey but due to his small size is left behind. Determined to see the new king, Sammy secretly follows the caravan into the desert. Along the way, Sammy proves that though he may be the smallest camel, he has the biggest heart.

Sing     How could a musical take place inside a car? Well, it could if the passenger was on her way to a talent show audition - especially if the driver, her father, was attempting to give her advice. Sparks start flying, mostly between the father and daughter to the accompaniment of songs in a wide variety of styles - blues, rock, opera and country all fuse into one sizzling audition that... well, you be the judge., a young green-winged macaw, is eagerly awaiting her first flight. But before the big event, Annie’s parents go to the river to gather some nuts for breakfast. While they are gone, loggers cut down all of the trees, including the macaw’s home. Annie escapes to another part of the rainforest but gets lost and cannot find her way home. As Annie searches for her parents, she meets a tree sloth, a pair of singing tree frogs, leaf-cutter ants, and a beautiful Morpho butterfly. With the help of the jungle creatures, Annie is able to summon her courage and continue her journey home. But on her way, Annie must escape the talons of Ego the eagle and the jaws of Con the boa constrictor.

Queen of the Pond     Sarah wants to learn to be a princess so she has a chance of marrying Prince Chesterfield, however she's up against some serious - and scheming - competition from The Princess Club. A mistaken spell from a mathematically-challenged wizard turns Sarah into a frog instead of a princess. Can she still win the heart of the prince and save her friends in the pond at the same time?

The Pirate Queen     Jack, Darrell and Sean are three students living in the shadow of their more successful peers. But when a freak storm during a fishing expedition causes them to be whisked back to the 18th century and they encounter a crew of pirate women, they may be about to change history!

Doggonit     Dogs, of course, can talk - but only to each other. The exception is Dakota - a dog trained to speak in secret by his owner, Caitlin. But this leads to trouble for them both after a disturbance at Ms Nancy's School of Dog Obedience, leading to an encounter with the sinister Dr. Live - a wicked scientist with a mission to create the perfect dog...