It's Course Selection time!
Course selection has begun for Grade 9.  During the first year of high school, all Ontario students are required to take core subjects such as English, Math, Science, French, PhysEd, and Geography  (this is not unique to our school).  Grade 9 students are only free to choose which Art they would like to take - either Visual Arts, Drama or Music.  Additionally, students do a Tech rotation, where they get to try out tech courses that may include cooking, woodworking, manufacturing, auto mechanics, robotics or cosmetology.  

In their second year of high school, students are given more choices.  There are still a number of core subjects that must be taken (English, Math, Science, History, Civics/Careers) to ensure that all of the core requirements of a high school diploma are being met, but students can start to explore electives in a number of areas.

Want more information?  Go to the RBHS Course Calendar (tab above) and see what options exist.  

Here is Mr. Ball to explain Pathways.

If you were unable to attend our Parent Night, don't worry!  Here is some of the presentation material used that evening.  Feel free to explore this website for more information.  Check out the Take a Tour tab to take a virtual tour of the school.
One of our Grade 9 Students spoke to the parents and students in attendance and shared her experiences as a new Grade 9 student here at Bateman.

Hello everyone, my name is Abby Jacklin and I am a grade 9 student here at Robert Bateman. I have only been going to this school for 3 months now and I already feel at ease here. At first it was scary. I was at a new school with new students and teachers.

At the beginning of the year we had something called Link Crew, where older students do activities with us and welcome all the Grade 9's into the school. Honestly it made me feel like school wasn’t so scary and made me realize our school was full of all around tremendous, kind and friendly students. Not only did I feel safe and welcomed into Bateman but I started feeling excited to come to school each passing day.

I was very nervous I wasn’t going to get involved. New opportunities were arising all around me, I found a club that I really liked called Bateman for Burlington. Joining more than one club is greatly encouraged but at the moment I am only in one club. You probably heard this a thousand times and will hear it a thousand more, joining in at school makes it much more enjoyable. This statement made me worry I wouldn’t have fun if I didn’t get involved but honestly our school has so much going on it’s hard not to get involved.

I played for the school’s basketball team and I am currently on the junior girls volleyball team. I am really liking playing sports here, Joining in has really made my experience amazing so far. Having an older sister who has already been through all of high school is also very nice. I could always go to her if I needed help or just to talk. Well I still can. Even if you don’t have a sibling here you’re not alone. There are always other students, teachers and the Link Leaders.

The teachers are always willing to help you with as much as they can. These teachers are amazing and always encouraging you to be the best student you can be. I read this in a classroom once. “Your teacher’s goal is simple, to help you reach yours.” There is no better way to describe our teachers in that way. I can say this with confidence and experience that that is what the teachers do here at Bateman. Our teachers go the extra mile for our students.  Answer all our questions and can teach in many different ways to help each student.

I am still just starting high school and already having so many great things to say about it, I believe that makes this a pretty great school. I am planning on joining more clubs in the future like Link Crew and I am hoping to play more sports. Overall Robert Bateman is a fantastic school and you are very lucky to be coming to this school next year.

Our Student Council President, Oubaida Ikharbine, also spoke to parents and students about the role of Student Council and what students could look forward to. 

            Thank you Mr. Duley Welcome Everyone. How is everyone doing? Everyone having a great night. My name is Oubaida Ikharbine and I am the student body president. I am very glad to see everyone here even more so the future students that could be attending Bateman next year. From the prospect of our current grade 9’s I am more than happy to say that they exceeded our expectations and am confident that you guys will have a great impact on the school as well. With my job, not only do I aid in overseeing the well being of the student body, but to be an avid part of it aswell. My job as the president is to lead a diverse group of students selected from all pathways and corners of the school, in order to run social events and to listen and act upon the suggestions and ideas that you may bring to us in the future. We encourage anyone and everyone approach us about any suggestions, questions or issues. I am here to serve the student body for the students and by the students.

Student Council takes the initiative of running various successful and social student wide events such as two dances (one in October and one in February), an end of the year carnival, social tournaments, Student lounge, more famously known as Pangea, and many other functions. At the beginning of each school year, we host an annual club fair, where all the clubs get together and open sign ups. We tell the grade 9’s to go out and explore all that the school has to offer, ranging from our clubs, pathways, sports and much more. We encourage everyone to find a hobby, make new friends, explore their interests. With our diverse student population from people all over the world, it’ll be our differences that bring us together and unite us.

My responsibility as the president is not only to run the student council but is also to make sure that the student bodies well being and voice are being heard and well maintained. I was grade 8 once too, I had previously went to Burlington Central before I made the switch to join the IB program and make Bateman my new home. I know what it feels like to be nervous, anxious and scared about high school. On the first day Of school in grade 9, I had 2 friends, by the end of the day I had made at least 20 friends on and now the entire school knows me. You can tell from the mural in the foyer of the world, that really speaks about the feeling here at Bateman. We all come from different places and we are all going into different programs for different reasons, but the inclusivity and diversity of this school is impossible to compare to any other in Burlington. It is my job as well to make sure that everyone in this school feels welcomed and wanted in this school. Everyone here has a place in my eyes and everyone is equal and holds the same value to me. When you come to this school, you become an important part to it and its student body. Every student is important and my role extends much further than maintaining the well being of the student body, I am here to serve the school community. I will try my best to lead them successfully and to represent the student body and its interests as best as I can. I hope everyone here has a great night tonight and I look forward to all that the students that choose Bateman for next year. I hope you explore and enjoy the rest of your Link crew tours later on tonight. Should you have any questions or simply want to discuss anything with me, I am more than happy to talk. My contact info is on the website, under the Student Council page. My last piece of advice for the grade 8’s. Be involved, Be different, be amazing and be wild! Welcome to Bateman.