Business Studies

Students with 6 or more Business Studies courses are eligible to receive a Business Studies certificate.


Business subjects will help you discover your strengths and areas of interest as well as provide a foundation and a guide for your college and university endeavours.


Students who earn 6 or more Business Studies credits qualify for a Halton Business Education Certificate.  Eligible courses are listed in the chart below.

 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Introduction to Business - BBI2O1 Accounting - BAF3M1 Accounting - BAT4M1
  International Business - BBB4MO
International Business IB - BBB4MB
  Entrepreneurship - BDI3C1 Entrepreneurship - BDV4CO
  Marketing - BMI3CO Business Leadership - BOH4M1
Business Leadership - BOH4MO
    Analysing Current Economic Issues - CIA4U1
Analysing Current Economic Issues - CIA4UO
Analysing Current Economic Issues IB - CIA4UO
  Law - CLU3M1 Law - CLN4U1

Co-op - COP3O8/7 Co-op - COP4O8/7