Mrs. Volasko 5-1

Hello parents and students,

From a young age, I aspired to become a teacher. I come from a family of teachers that always pushed me to achieve my dream. I started volunteering in schools in grade 10 to gain experience and my love for teaching only grew stronger.

It is through my experiences (volunteer, life and work) that I have developed a deep commitment to help my students learn, to provide them with the room to grow as individuals and to guide them in areas of need. I have a strong personal love for learning and will provide an atmosphere where my students can feel secure and learn in a non-judgemental and inclusive environment.

I have been teaching with the Halton District school board for 9 years. I was an ESL teacher for 5 years (Abbey Lane & Chris Hadfield) and this will be my fourth year teaching grade 5 at TJS. 

* Read 30 minutes a night (minimum) - discuss your reading with your parents (THINK...retell, reflect, relate)
* Dreambox 20 minutes a night - practice numeracy skills!  
* Math Homework - always due the following day (some exceptions)
*Practice multiplication and division facts nightly 

* Please no nuts, tree nuts, eggs or sesame seeds for lunch**
* Gym clothes and proper shoes on Monday and Wednesday
* Agenda signed daily
* Bring a reusable water bottle to minimize interruptions from learning time
* School starts at 9:05am - be on time!
* Parents Communication Folders due Mondays