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Waste Free Wednesdays 
How can I keep my lunch waste free?
For more information visit: Ontario Eco Schools

Beat a Bully Without Your Fist

Bullying Prevention and 

Intervention Week

November 16th - 20th

This Year’s Goal: Everyone has the right to be safe at school. We are one family.


Weekday Activities

Monday: High Five Hallways - encourage your students to spread positive high-fives through the hallway 10 Ways to Make a Cool High Five ­ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k6­0wd2DYI

Tuesday: Talk on Tuesdays -try to set some time aside in your class schedule to discuss some of the issues around safety and belonging at school. Some prompts include,talk about a time when you felt safe/included/like you belong at school”; “What are some things our school can do to ensure every student feels like they belong?”.

Wednesday - Pink is the new Peace- encourage students to wear something pink to demonstrate they stand together in the fight against bullying. Go the extra mile and have students design a bracelet or headband to show their support.

Thursday- Thoughtful Thursday- bring your students to visit the #onefamilybanner outside the office (in the yellow hallway) to add positive messages describing things they love about TJS.

Friday - TJS Family Friday- we’ll end our week by wearing our TIGER colours or spirit wear to show that we are all one family. ********************************************************************

Caine's Arcade

Charlie Brown, He's a Bully

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