Grade 9 Food and Nutrition HFN 1O1
Course Outline

Course Description

This course explores the factors that affect attitudes and decisions about food, examines current issues of body image and food marketing, and is grounded in the scientific study of nutrition.  Students will learn how to make informed choices and how to prepare foods, and will investigate our Canadian food heritage and food industries, as well as global food issues.  This course also introduces students to research skills related to food and nutrition.




1.     Creatively plan (budget), prepare and serve nutritious meals to meet the various needs of families and family members.

2.     Apply safety procedures and techniques when using equipment and preparing a meal.

3.     Understand the role of nutrition to maintain physical, emotional and psychological well-being, e.g. body image, eating disorders.

4.     Demonstrate group and problem solving skills through food labs, publications and other methods.

5.     Use appropriate social science inquiry research and communication skills.

6.     Investigate food in relation to family traditions and our Canadian heritage.

7.     Identify Canadian and global fool supply and production.

I use Edmodo as a means of communication and assignment collection.  This site lends itself to teacher - student communication and group chats.  Class notes, videos, current articles,discussion questions, assignments and test review/dates can all be accessed on Edmodo.  A parent code is available to all parents, giving them access to course material, assignment details and deadlines.  Parents are only able to access their own child's progress.  For a parent code please email me at

Helene Apostolopoulos