Welcome to Learning Services at Nelson


The Learning Services Department provides a variety of programs to assist students identified as exceptional by an IPRC and to those students who have needs beyond those that are met by regular classroom instruction.  Programs and services are provided through both individual and group approaches. Our staff focuses on assessment, remedial work, and development of learning skills. 

In addition, a learning strategies course (offered to students in grades 9-12), is available through referrals by the Nelson School Resource Team and/or recommendations from feeder school staff.

Transitioning To Post Secondary?

Are you wondering what services and accommodations are offered at Post-Secondary? Please click on this link to find out: http://www.transitionresourceguide.ca/


Program Leader: Kevin Dellio  delliok@hdsb.ca

Special Education Teachers:
Claire Bird (Gifted 9 & 10) birdc@hdsb.ca
Sheelagh Boin boins@hdsb.ca
Don Leuschner leuschnerd@hdsb.ca

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