PLEASE NOTE - At times students are asked to view videos or video clips during class.  It is VERY beneficial if students have their own set of headphones or ear buds that they can keep at school to use when necessary!  It is much easier to pause or backup a video that they are watching individually on a Chromebook than it is to stop and wait as a whole class to ensure everyone is getting the important information down.  A personal set of headphones/ear buds is also a healthier alternative than sharing with everyone else.


This is a question I am often asked.  We are working on our reading skills and most especially reading fluency.  When possible, ask your child to read a few pages of a novel out loud to you.  This is something we rarely do once we have acquired the ability to read.  We want students to pause when they encounter periods or commas.  We also want them to be able to read with expression.  Encourage your child to practice this on a regular basis.  We will be doing reading on a daily basis in literacy class and your child knows that they need to come prepared with a book for this purpose every day.

Students will also be using Google Classroom regularly for some of their classes and assignment details, due dates, completed work and work in progress can all be found here.  How much we get to utilize Google Classroom is dependent upon computer availability but we will try to use it as frequently as possible while still being fair to the other students in the school.  If students have their own personal devices they are able to bring them (See Bring I.T. Norms below).  The secondary school that FM students attend is "paperless" so the more adept they become with using technology for learning purposes the easier their transition into high school in the future.