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Parent(s) & Guardian(s), please check back here regularly for important dates and reminders about things happening here at school and in our classroom community! :)
Weekly Reminders:

Week of June 20th- June 24th
-Play day is this Friday (Periods 3 and 4) please come dressed for the weather!! 
-We will also be going to the splash pad (located behind the school) on Friday periods 5 and 6! Please see the form sent home on Monday. Students must come to school prepared to get wet! Bathing suit, towel, water shoes, hat, sunscreen and a water bottle
-Please return ALL library books this week as Mrs. Oesch is completing her book inventory! :)

Week of June 13th- June 17th
-Field Trip Country Heritage Park this Monay (Grade 3's) Please dress for the weather!
-Eric Walter's (author) visits TJS this Wednesday and Thursday! If you are interested in ordering your child a book at a discounted rate, please send in the form (found in a previous email sent out by TJS) to school with your child on Wednesday!
-Words of the Week are finished for the year!
-Next Friday is our Play Day! :) Our classes will participate periods 3 & 4!  

Week of June 6th- June 10th
-Please return field trip forms for Country Heritage Park (Grade 3's ONLY) Our trip is next Monday June 13th! FREE of cost to our students! :)
-Congratulations to our grade 3's on a very long and hard working week during EQAO!! Mrs. Ducharme is so proud of you all and your outstanding efforts!!
-This Tuesday is a FRIDAY schedule! Class 34-1FI please bring in your recorders for Music class with Ms. Prashad
-Please return your library books Wednesday - it will be our last library book exchange of the year! :)  

Week of May 30th- June 2nd:
-EQAO is occuring this week on Tuesday the 31st, Wednesday the 1st, and Thursday the 2nd. Parents are asked to please make sure their child arrives to school on time as we will begin testing shortly after arrival. Please make sure your child has a full belly of breakfast in the morning as this will help their brains work their best! :) 
-Students will write two test booklets each day during periods 1-2, and 3-4. With Mrs. Benedetti's permission, students are allowed to bring gum to school to chew during the test. Multiple studies have found that chewing gum helps to keep students calm and focused. I will purchase some extra gum for those who don't have any, and may want a piece! :)
-Friday June 3rd is a P.A. Day! A well deserved day off for our hard working Grade 3's this week!
-Grade 4's will be joining Mrs. Boag's classes (4-1FI and 4-2FI) during our three testing days, and will be following their class schedule. It will be a great opportunity for our grade 4's to interact with their other grade 4 peers!
-Ride to Bike for Gr. 4's will occur this Monday! Have fun! :)

Week of May 16th- May 20th:
-Confirmed EQAO dates for Grade 3 are as follows: Tuesday May 31st, Wednesday June 1st, and Thursday June 2nd.
-Track and Field Meet this Wednesday at CK for students who made the team! Good luck! :)
-Jump Rope for Heart is this Friday May 20th!! Get ready to jump to help support an amazing cause! 

Week of May 9th- May 13th:
-Track and Field meet this Friday May 13th at Craig Kielburger. Please return your permission forms! We will be walking to and from C.K., please do not drive to C.K. to pick up your child - we will return to TJS by the end of the day for dismissal! :)
-No Words of the Week this week
-Please bring in any materials you need to create your board game - we will begin making them on Monday!
-Jump Rope for Heart pledge forms went home last Wednesday! I am excited to see and hear how much money our school is raising for this amazing cause! 

Week of May 2nd- May 6th:
-Probability test this Monday May 2nd - a review sheet was sent home Friday :)
-This week kicks off our school wide Literacy Week! We will be having a literacy night (just like our math night) this Wednesday May 4th from 6:00-7:30 pm. All families are welcome with their children to explore and check out some amazing literacy games and activities! We look forward to seeing you all there!
-"Get Caught Reading Contest" - parents, snap a picture of your child getting caught reading and they could win a $25 indigo gift card! Send your photo along with their full name and class code (3-3FI or 34-1FI) to tjsgetcaughtreading@gmail.com All entries are due by Friday May 6th! Good Luck!!
-This Friday May 6th - dress up like your favourite story book character or author! We are asking, if possible, for students to bring a Toonie to school this day to raise money for the "Creation of Hope" foundation by Eric Walters who will be visiting us in June. 
-Jump Rope for Heart pledge forms will be going home this week - stay tuned for more info on this amazing event and how we can support the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

Week of April 25th- April 29th:
-We have just started our new unit on Probability in Grade 3 and 4! We will also be learning about fractions in this unit, and how we can describe "fair spinners" using fraction terms e.g., "One half of the spinner is RED", "The probability of landing on GREEN is one fifth, or 1/5"
-Hearing and Vision screening for those students who have brought in their forms will be happening this Wednesday-Friday

Week of April 18th- April 22nd:
-Monday: Transformational Geography Unit test for grade 3's and 4's, Speeches begin on Monday as well!
-Tuesday is our Field Trip to Greg Le Rock for all FI classes! We will be departing the school around 11:45 am and returning around 2:00 pm.
-Wednesday: Hands on Social Studies Workshop for all Grade 4's! ALL grade 3's will be with Mrs. Ducharme in the afternoon
-Friday is a P.A. Day   

Week of April 11th- April 15th:
-Please return any field trip forms for Greg LeRock, or Gr. 4 Scientists in the School - both of these events are happening next Week! :)
-Wednesday April 13th is INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PINK! Please wear something PINK to raise awareness and stand up against bullying!
-This THURSDAY is a FRIDAY schedule - 34-1 FI will have music on Thursday this week! Don't forget your recorders!!

Week of April 4th- April 8th:
-Field Trip Permission Forms for Greg LeRock went home Monday! Please return to school A.S.A.P. :) Thank you!
-Our school is collecting donations (any amount - even your spare pennies) to help raise money/awareness for ALS! Any donations to help fund research for this terrible disease would be greatly appreciated!
-Wear BLUE on Monday for world Autism Awareness!
-It is expected to snow quite a bit Sunday Night into Monday - please make sure your child comes to school with OUTDOOR boots, gloves, hats, and snow pants in order to enjoy the snow! :)
-Monday April 4th: Area and Perimeter Test for Grade 3 and 4
-Math P.O.W. due every Monday
-Friday April 8th is a P.A. Day, No School

Week of March 29th- April 1st:
Welcome back after an extra long weekend!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family and friends, AND a fun ICE day?! :)
-We will be having an Area and Perimeter Test on Monday April 4th. A review sheet will be sent home over the weekend help students prepare! 
-Scientist in the School presentation for the grade 4's will be re-scheduled for Tuesday March 29th! Grade 3's from both classes will be with Mrs. Ducharme all day!

Week of March 21st- March 25th:
I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful March Break with family and friends!! :)
-International Downs Syndrome Awareness day is Monday March 21st! Please wear your funky/colourful socks to school to support children with Downs Syndrome
-This Wednesday and Thursday is our Grade 4 Scientists in the school workshop (ALL DAY) - grade 4's, please make sure you have returned your permission form!
-There will be no "Words of the Week" this week due to our short week, and Grade 4 Scientist Workshops!
-No School Friday - Good Friday

Week of March 7th- March 11th:
-Measurement Quiz Friday! I know some of your children will be away on the Friday before the break! If this is the case, they will write their quiz the day they return to school after the break! A review sheet of key terms will be sent home Thursday to help prepare. 
Key terms to review: millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), metres (m), kilometres (km), and decimetres (grade 4's only!) Students should be able to use their ruler to draw a line to the nearest centimetre, and grade 4's to the nearest millimetre. It is important for students to review when it is appropriate to use each unit of measurement, and appropriate estimates for different objects around them.
-Book talk presentations begin this week! Your child knows their presentation date, and it has been written down in their agenda
-Our dance-a-thon assembly is this Wednesday!! Good luck to all students! Very excited to see who wins the amazing baskets put together by our TJS community and parent council!

Week of February 29th- March 4th:
-Please remember to return report card envelopes to the school! We re-use these envelopes for the Term 2 report cards! :) Thanks!
-Students will be working on their Non-Fiction book talk presentations this week in class. Please make sure they come to school prepared with any materials they need to work on their media component (ex. Bristol board for a poster). If your child is creating a slide-show presentation, we will have chrome books for them to use in class. Your child may bring in their own technology to use, but please review with them about being responsible for their devices while at school. We will be determining presentation dates this week, and those dates will be communicated with you in your child's agenda.

Week of February 22nd-26th:
-Division Test Thursday the 25th. A review sheet will be sent home Wednesday to help prepare
    Please review the following concepts: 
    -related facts/fact families for multiplication and division
    -drawing arrays/equal groups to represent a division statements
    -problem solving involving division ex. "There are 24 cookies. The teacher wants to split         them equally between 6 students. How many cookies would each student receive?
    -Grade 4's: dividing with remainders
-Please choose a non-fiction book for your book talk! We will begin working on our book talks by the end of this week in class! :) More details to come!

Week of February 16th-19th:
-Spelling Test Friday
-Just a reminder: Library is every WEDNESDAY for the Gr 3's, and TUESDAY for the Gr 4's. We have quite a few students who have over due books still at home! Please remember to bring back your library books for the following week to either exchange or re-new! :) Thank you!!

Week of February 8th-12th:
-Math Quiz Thursday on Multiplication. Students in both grades should review:
        -Listing the multiples of a number (e.g., Multiples of 4: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20...)
        -Writing an addition statement for a given fact (e.g., 4x3 is 4+4+4)
        -Identifying a multiplication fact from an array
        -Drawing equal groups/arrays for a given fact
        -What a product and factor is
        -Answering problems that include multiplication
        -Multiplying by factors of 10 (Gr 4's only!!)
-Social Studies Presentations for both Grade 3 and 4 students begin Monday!
-Friday February 12th is our Dance-a-Thon!! Get ready to move and have fun!!! :)
-We will be celebrating "Valentine's Day" on Friday February 12th. Just some reminders to parents: please DO NOT send in any food related treats with your child, as students at our school have some severe food allergies! Also, please make sure, if your child is handing out Valentines, to be inclusive of ALL students in his/her class so that no one feels left out! :)

Week of February 1st-5th:
-Friday February 5th is a PD Day; NO SCHOOL! :)
-No words of the week this week due to it being a short week
-Scientist in the school presentation for BOTH CLASSES on Tuesday February 2nd. Please bring in NEWS PAPER if you have any!!
-We are starting our Multiplication Unit this week in class for both Grades 3 and 4. Here are the expectations for each grade:
Grade 3:
-multiply up to 7X7 using a variety of mental strategies
-relate multiplication of one digit numbers to real life situations (e.g., If Mrs. Ducharme has 3 cookies, Robert has 3 cookies, and Scott has 3 cookies, we can represent that as 3 groups of 3, or 3x3)
Grade 4:
-multiply up to 9x9 using a variety of mental strategies
-multiply whole numbers by 10, 100, and 1000
-multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using a variety of strategies 
Week of January 25th-29nd:
-3D Solids Test Thursday Jan 28th. Students in both grades 3 and 4 should be able to identify the edges, faces, and vertices on a given solid, sort solids by their attributes (Venn-diagram), compare one solid to another, and identify a solid by its given faces. A review sheet will be sent home on Wednesday to help prepare and review important key terms! :)
-Please remember to return your GREEN French Immersion form to school with your child. These forms are due back the first week of February!
-Grade 3's: please return your Scientists in the School form (beige sheet). Our Scientist in the School presentations are fast approaching!! :)
-If you have any extra NEWSPAPERS hanging around your house, and you will be recycling them, we would love to have them for our scientists in the school presentations next week!! Please send any newspapers with your child to school and we will hold on to them for next week - thank you!

Week of January 18th-22nd:
-Practice readers theatre script over the weekend. Familiarize yourself with your character - how do they feel, act, behave? We DO NOT expect any of the students to memorize their lines. However, the more they practice, the more comfortable they will feel with their character and their portrayal.
-Math P.O.W. (Problem of the Week) sent home today (Friday). Just as a reminder to all students - it is due back every MONDAY! :)
-Donations for our Dance-a-Thon Basket are still needed. Our theme is "Art's and Crafts". Any unused/new arts and crafts items would be greatly appreciated from both classes to contribute to our basket. If you have already donated an item - THANK YOU!!! :)
-If you have any extra NEWSPAPERS hanging around your house, and you will be recycling them, we would love to have them for our scientists in the school presentations next week!! Please send any newspapers with your child to school and we will hold on to them for next week - thank you!

Week of January 11th-15th
-Math test WEDNESDAY on 2D Geometry (grade 3 and 4). Please complete review sheet sent home in Orange Duotang. Students should be reviewing attributes of 2D shapes such as, number of sides, length of sides, direction of sides (parallel lines), and types of angles (right, less than a right angle, and greater than a right angle).
Parallel = two lines that travel in the exact same direction, that will never cross paths. 
Ex. A square = 4 sides, all four sides the same length, 2 pairs of parallel sides, and 4 right angles.
-Math Problem of the Week due every MONDAY!
-Don't forget...we are collecting items for our dance-a-thon basket! Our theme is Arts and Crafts! If you can donate an unused Arts or Crafts item for our basket, it would be greatly appreciated. Examples of items could include: paint brushes, stickers, construction paper, glitter glue, markers, crayons, etc... THANK YOU!! :)

Week of January 4th-8th:
-Scholastic orders due at the end of the month! :)
-NEW: At home reading program for both French and English started on Monday. A yellow sheet explaining this program was sent home with your child. Please see the link to the left "At Home Reading Program" for more details!
-Dance-A-Thon Basket Donations are currently being collected for your child class. This year, our basket theme for both classes is ARTS AND CRAFTS. Any donations of unused arts and crafts supplies would be greatly appreciated for our basket! It can be something as simple as glitter or pom poms from the dollar store. Anything helps! All basket donations must be sent into the school by: January 29th. Thank you for your support!!
-Welcome Back!! I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful holiday break! :)

Week of December 14th-18th:
-NO Spelling words this week
-Early dismissal Friday 1:55pm - Have a wonderful Holiday Break, and a very Merry Christmas!!

Week of December 7th-11th:
-This Thursday, we will be having our first project period of year in the library, where we will get to learn how to use our Halton Cloud account, and all of the wonderful apps and extensions that can be used through google to enhance our learning! Your child's Halton Cloud/Google login is at the front of their agenda for easy reference. 

Week of November 30th-December 4th:
-Book Talk Presentations are occurring this week! Your child's presentation date is in their agenda. Please make sure they come to school prepared with all of their materials! :)
-Tuesday Dec 1st is our field trip for the grade 3's to Crawford Lake --> please dress according to the weather as we will be outside for the majority of the day!!

Week of November 23rd-27th:
-P.A. Day Friday - NO SCHOOL
-Spelling Test will be on THURSDAY Nov. 26th
-Patterning test Monday
-Please bring in any materials needed to work on your book talk presentation (e.g., Bristol board)
-Any grade 3's who have not yet brought back their field trip forms for Crawford Lake must do so A.S.A.P!!

Week of November 16th-20th:
-Please bring in your book you have chosen for your book talk on Monday the 16th!
-Please remember to bring in any Permission Forms for Crawford Lake! (gr. 3's only!)

Week of November 9th-13th:
-Grade 3's: Crawford Lake permission forms went home today! Please return A.S.A.P. with payment! :) Any parents who are willing to volunteer, please fill out bottom of form! Thank you!
-Please choose a FICTION book for your book talk - more info to be sent home! :)
-Bring a flashlight for "Flashlight Fridays" - back by popular demand!!
-Remembrance Day assembly Wednesday Nov. 11th periods 3 & 4
-Practice your new W.O.W. (Words of the Week)

Week of November 2nd-6th:
-Patterning quiz on Monday Gr 3 & 4 - review growing, shrinking, and repeating patterns, and creating pattern rules
-Scholastic went home this week! All orders are due back by Nov. 30th!
-With the cold winter months approaching, students are reminded to have TWO pairs of shoes at school - 1 indoor pair, and 1 outdoor pair (boots/shoes)
-Practice your new spelling words