Welcome to my website!

          My name is Mrs. Lukic. I am the ESL teacher at River Oaks, Brookdale, Pilgrim Wood, and Pine Grove Public Schools. Since I am a teacher at four schools, I cannot be with each of my students every day. I will do my best to help them as much as possible when I am with them, and I will work with their teachers to make sure that they get the best support at school everyday.

          ESL means English as a Second Language. For some of my students, English is their 3rd or 4th language! I look forward to teaching them and 
learning a lot from them as they add English to the collection of languages they know and use. It will take time to get used to Canadian schools and rules, and to the way we learn and play. There may be subjects that we have here that students from other countries do not ‘take’, or we may not study things that are very common in other places. We may study the same subjects, but in very different ways. Again, it will take time. Don’t worry - Canadian schools are a great place to be!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, other teachers, or the office. The only silly question is the one that does not get asked!