Welcome to Grade 1 at Pilgrim Wood!
I am delighted to be your child's teacher for grade one! I have been working closely with the Kindergarten educators to ensure a smooth transition for all of our students.

I'm in my 9th year of teaching and this will
be my 3rd year teaching at Pilgrim Wood. Last year, I taught Grade 1 English half of FI with Mlle. Haney!  I have taught Full-Day Kindergarten, English stream Grade 1, Grade 2, as well as I was a special education resource teacher for Grades 4 and 5 at other schools in Halton.  I have experience working with gifted learners, students with learning disabilities, students with attention deficit hyper-active disorder and/or sensory integration disorder, reluctant or struggling readers/writers, and students with speech and/or language delays. 

I completed both my Bachelors of Education and my Honours Bachelor of Science in Exceptionality in Human Learning at University of Toronto.  I continue to take courses, attend workshops and conferences,  as well as network with other educators to learn more about different research-based practices.  I enjoy getting involved in various projects and initiatives at both the school and board level. Three
years ago, I joined a group of incredible Halton teachers who started an Early Years Committee through the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario to advocate for 21st century learning. I am also on a board committee (Primary NTIP Planning Team) that organizes professional learning opportunities for new teachers.

One of the areas I have dedicated my time towards is exploring the development of self-regulation skills in students and how it is linked to academic achievement. Three years ago, I was involved in a board innovation project with other colleagues investigating the importance of self-regulation and how it impacts student learning in the primary grades. Recently, I read Dr. Shanker’s new book called Self-Reg: How to help your child (and you) break the stress cycle and successfully engage with life. I plan to continue this learning journey with my new class by incorporating mindful teaching.

I am passionate about teaching and learning in the early years.  Children are filled with wonder regarding how the world works.  I believe students grow and develop best when their curiosities and interests about the world around them are valued and cultivated in the classroom.
I've wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember so this is my dream job!  I hope to pass my love for learning onto my students.

My classroom website is designed to provide parents with important information about how students learn based on current research. Each page will give families insight into how I will plan to help students reach their full potential in all areas of learning.
-Learning Environment
-Literacy Skills (Note for Parents)
Please note that the Class News web page will be updated weekly.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child.  I will work together with all families to develop and implement challenging and engaging learning experiences!

Your partner in teaching and learning,
Mrs. Garcha

Gift from a former student
Side Note: I am a new mommy! My baby daughter named Malina is a year and half old.