Welcome to the new school year!  This website is designed to help you succeed in your academic career.  Lessons, assignments, and other resources will be posted throughout this site and updated regularly.  This website is another tool in your arsenal to help you be successful in our course and for you to accomplish your goals.  Please make sure that you check this site frequently!  

As a high school student it is the sole responsibility of yourself to ensure you are keeping pace with the course by coming to class prepared to learn with all your materials, obtaining all course work, making plans for missed work when absent from school, and completing/submitting all work on time.

When accessing the files within this site, make sure to "Make a Copy" of the file so it is saved in your own Halton Cloud and can be edited and shared by yourself.  The files uploaded within this site have only been shared to "View" so you will not be able to use the file until your own copy is created.

If you have any questions I can always be reached via EMAIL: nagribiankon@hdsb.ca
or during my Office Hours: Period 3 & 4, Social Sciences Office, Room 106