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  • On Gym days - which are Tuesday and Wednesdays, everyone should have at least a different shirt for gym and some shorts. Solid, sturdy gym shoes are a must. Shoes should have a supportive arch to them, which means skateboard shoes are not advisable footwear for running and/or making sharp turns. 
  • If it is a nice day out and athletic shorts are being worn to school, those could be used for gym. But a separate shirt will avoid sweaty children in class. Students may also find it handy to have an extra shirt after a particularly hot run-around at recess. Indoor running shoes are fine for gym.  I hope to take the children outside as often as possible.  PLEASE REMIND YOUR CHILD THAT THERE IS NO JEWELRY TO BE WORN DURING GYM. NO BRACELETS, EARRINGS, NECKLACES. THIS IS A BOARD-WIDE POLICY DUE TO SAFETY CONCERNS.
          Homework !   Parents love it, many children despise it.
                Based on my own experience at home with my boys and years' experience in the classroom, wrestling about doing 'crucial' homework pieces made evenings more of a battle than fun family time. Many students (and often parents back them up) complain they have little time to do work after school, with sport practices, dance class, YMCA, etc. all cutting into peoples' evenings. Never mind the always popular and dreaded, " .  .  .  .  or else!"  ultimatum that would get thrown around at least once a week.
             With that said, on our website I have links to 2 Halton endorsed programs, Dreambox and Prodigy (which everyone is now set up with user id and password) which can be used 3 or 4 nights (perhaps alternating nights?) per week to help with our math learning. It doesn't matter that it's not following what we are doing in class. The problem-solving thought process and practice is what they should be getting out of it. 
            I will have everyone set up on RAZ kids by the end of October, as well, so reading comprehension practice will be available to everyone who feels they need to answer a few short questions about what they have just read. There are a number of different topics and levels students can read up on. 
           Everyone should be reading something a minimum 20 minutes each night (weekends off is optional). What they read isn't important, as usually the interest our children have is very different from what we would like them to read. There are also plenty of curriculum reading subjects (social studies, science, math, language) by grades on the Halton Elementary Internet Tools link, as well.

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           To the left are some sites which should help students who have nothing to do on a rainy (or snowy) day and who want to make school easier with a little extra practice. These links provide quick access to many of our weekly and/or daily sites we would visit.
           If there are any classroom questions or concerns, please email me through   wrightg@hdsb.ca   I will do my best to get back to you quickly. 
            Sign up for School Cash Online, as teachers are not allowed to accept money from students. We have been told that students are no longer able to pay with cash or cheques for trips, pizza, school swag.
New News and Learnings - 
          Our next math unit is about number sense. We will be adding, subtracting and problem solving with whole numbers to 10,000. We will understand how to show numbers in standard, expanded and written form. We will be rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. The terms and symbols for greater than, less than and equal to will become part of our math strategy tool kit, so we can recognize them and create math sentences.
          Our first health unit is looking at different foods and food groups in order to determine if we are eating healthy foods on a daily basis and how we can help our bodies stay healthy and happy through the foods we eat. We examined Canada's Food Guide to make sure we are getting all the necessary nutrients that our bodies' need.
          Kudos to everyone for the excellent Remembrace Day artwork which adorned the walls in the gym at the wonderful asssembly last Friday.   
                 Mid- November events :
        Our next Social Studies unit has begun, as we take a closer look at Canada and it's provinces, capital cities, resources and geographical land make-up (Canadian Shield, Cordillera mountains, etc.). Since Movember is designated as Bullying Awareness month at HDSB, dance time has given way to some drama and role playing when dealing with bullying instances we may see in and around a classroom.
        Our young ladies were first to reach the reward of 'Free Time' for an afternoon block. They had earned enough marbles through daily good choice behaviours and they used their time quietly and wisely on Friday, after the Remembrance Day assembly. Hopefully, the boys can get to this first level as soon as possible, otherwise the girls will be on to an Internet Cafe session on their own.
        A reminder that Progress Reports will be going home on Monday November 19th. Thank you to those who have quickly returned their Interview appointment time sheets so that I can generate a timetable for the Thursday night and Friday morning student-led conferences. If not returned, all I can do is slot the remaining families into a free space, so if you have preferences for times, get those sheets in asap, please.  
       The Book Fair is coming during the week of our student-led interviews. We will be previewing what will be  for sale on Friday afternoon of this week. Students may have a wish-list of books they would like to purchase so an exact total for their books should be offered to parents for their approval. Thanks for your support.  
       Halloween is behind us and winter (and snow) is just around the corner. There will still be some warmish afternoons, but the mornings will have that crispness to them - keep a warm hat and mitts in backpacks, even if we don't use them during the day. Take jackets home for chilly morning walks to school.