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Upcoming Learning and Goings-On
  • On Gym days - which are Tuesday and Wednesdays, everyone should have at least a different shirt for gym and some shorts. Solid, sturdy gym shoes are a must. Shoes should have a supportive arch to them, which means skateboard shoes are not advisable footwear for running and/or making sharp turns. 
  • If it is a nice day out and athletic shorts are being worn to school, those could be used for gym. But a separate shirt will avoid sweaty children in class. Students may also find it handy to have an extra shirt after a particularly hot run-around at recess. Indoor running shoes are fine for gym.  I hope to take the children outside as often as possible.  PLEASE REMIND YOUR CHILD THAT THERE IS NO JEWELRY TO BE WORN DURING GYM. NO BRACELETS, EARRINGS, NECKLACES. THIS IS A BOARD-WIDE POLICY DUE TO SAFETY CONCERNS.
          Homework !   Parents love it, many children despise it.
                Based on my own experience at home with my boys and years' experience in the classroom, wrestling about doing 'crucial' homework pieces made evenings more of a battle than fun family time. Many students (and often parents back them up) complain they have little time to do work after school, with sport practices, dance class, YMCA, etc. all cutting into peoples' evenings. Never mind the always popular and dreaded, " .  .  .  .  or else!"  ultimatum that would get thrown around at least once a week.
             With that said, on our website I have links to 2 Halton endorsed programs, Dreambox and Prodigy (which everyone is now set up with user id and password) which can be used 3 or 4 nights (perhaps alternating nights?) per week to help with our math learning. It doesn't matter that it's not following what we are doing in class. The problem-solving thought process and practice is what they should be getting out of it. 
            Everyone is set up on RAZ kids now, so reading comprehension practice along with a few short questions will be available to anyone who feels they need a little extra practise. There are a number of different topics and levels students can read up on - something for everyone, hopefully. 
           Everyone should be reading something a minimum 20 minutes each night (weekends off is optional). What they read isn't important, as usually the interest our children have is very different from what we would like them to read. There are also plenty of curriculum reading subjects (social studies, science, math, language) by grades on the Halton Elementary Internet Tools link, as well.

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           To the left are some sites which should help students who have nothing to do on a rainy (or snowy) day and who want to make school easier with a little extra practice. These links provide quick access to many of our weekly and/or daily sites we would visit.
           If there are any classroom questions or concerns, please email me through   wrightg@hdsb.ca   I will do my best to get back to you quickly. 
            Sign up for School Cash Online, as teachers are not allowed to accept money from students. We have been told that students are no longer able to pay with cash or cheques for trips, pizza, school swag.
New News and Learning - 
          Fractions and decimals are on our 'math plate' at the moment. We have started working first with fractions, then we will add the equivalent decimals which are paired with the fractions. As an example, we know what half an apple is, and the decimal that goes with that half is 0.5. Just like a half plus a half equals one, we will soon examine why 0.5 + 0.5 also = 1.0 . We are responsible for knowing halves, quarters, thirds, fifths, sixths, eighths and tenths. Our unit to follow will be patterning with the focus on the input and outputs of a patterning 'machine'. (We input a 3 in to our machine that uses the pattern 2x + 3. What is the output ?)
          For health, we will be having our puberty talk shortly. A note will go home giving the heads up about both the timing and the content.
         We are continuing our focus on how our attitudes and emotions affect our daily lives and how important it is to learn how to control our emotions and reactions. We have Mrs. Bain joining us twice a week for a  few minutes of calming meditation, usually first thing in the morning as we work towards improving control of our thoughts and emotions. Mrs. Bain's strategies will complement Mrs. Paul's time spent in our class nicely. 
          Ancient Societies are over and done with and we have moved on to examining different habitats in our world. We know that another word for a habitat is a biome and we talked a little about why certain animals live in certain habitats. We will look at deserts, rainforests, oceans, the tundra and grasslands, to name a few.
     Mid - May 2019  :   
         We rubbed and rubbed and rubbed and up finally popped a genie from the bottle! Actually, no - it was an image of a person who had lived in medieval times. Everyone took home a keepsake of their efforts and hopefully these fine wall hangings will remind us how good we have things nowadays, since we don't have to milk our cows everyday, or collect our eggs before we eat them, or slop out the pigs' pens before we sit down for dinner. 
         We are in the final stretch to the end of the year, now that the last holiday long weekend has arrived. It's all down hill from here. 20 degree days are just around the corner.