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Upcoming Learning and Goings - On
  • Our first unit in math is Data Management - that's creating and interpreting information in graphs.
  • In Social Studies we are looking at Canada - the provinces, capitals, landforms - all the basics of our great nation.
  • Science will see us looking into a few different animals and their distinctive habitats - their homes, their feeding habits and how they adapt to the environment to survive.  
  • Gym days are Mondays and Thursdays. We should have at least a different shirt for gym and some shorts. If it is a nice day out and you are wearing shorts to school, you can wear those to gym, but a separate shirt will avoid sweaty children gasping in class. We can wear our indoor shoes when in the gym (as long as your indoor shoes are runners). If the weather is nice, Mr. Brydie and I like to take the children outside. Once the cold weather arrives, that will be impossible, so the more we can get out now, the better. Big fields, lots of grass to run around in.
  • Our library swap out day is Friday with Ms. Cook. Everyone gets 2 weeks to read their book(s).

        Everyone needs indoor shoes, please. I understand it may take a few days to get these, but we need to keep the outdoor mud outdoors (or at least out of the classroom). Thank you in advance. 
To the left are some sites which should help students who have nothing to do on a rainy (or snowy) day and who want to make school easier with a little extra practice. These links provide quick access to many of our weekly and/or daily sites we would visit.
        If there are any classroom questions or concerns, please email me through   wrightg@hdsb.ca   I will do my best to get back to you quickly. 
         Sign up for School Cash Online, as last year's Cashless system we were using is no longer being used. Dress warmly. I will remind all to wash their hands before snack and lunch times.
          Everyone has a Dreambox account and everyone checked their username and password. Everyone has been practising at school, but it seems that Dreambox is moving some things around. Some were trying to get on, but were being told their info was not valid. When the problem solvers tried their log in info from last year - it worked for them (clever thinking), but the program looks different. I was unaware of these changes, so it sounds like they are updating and upgrading on a daily basis. I will let everyone know if I hear of any changes.
Today's New Business :
          I didn't receive as many 'Parents are Partners' surveys returned as I'd hoped. There is still time to get these in. Ask your child, if you don't know what I'm referring to.       
          We are getting ready for the Terry Fox Walk/ Run on Sept. 29th!! We will be learning a few interesting things about Terry, as he fits in nicely with our Canada work this term in Social Studies. Also, he's just kinda cool and as determined as they come. A real role model for everyone to follow. Donations of $1, 2, 5 will be accepted for the next 2 weeks, as we try to do our part to get rid of this terrible disease. Thanks for helping.