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  • On Gym days - which are Tuesday and Wednesdays, everyone should have at least a different shirt for gym and some shorts. Obviously, gym shoes are a must. Shoes should have a supportive arch to them, which means that skateboard shoes are not advisable footwear for running and/or making sharp turns. 
  • If it is a nice day out and athletic shorts are being worn to school, those could be used for gym. But a separate shirt will avoid sweaty children in class. Students may also find it handy to have an extra shirt after a particularly hot run-around at recess. Indoor running shoes are fine for gym.  I hope to take the children outside as often as possible.  PLEASE REMIND YOUR CHILD THAT THERE IS NO JEWELRY TO BE WORN DURING GYM. NO BRACELETS, EARRINGS, NECKLACES. THIS IS A BOARD-WIDE POLICY DUE TO SAFETY CONCERNS.

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           If there are any classroom questions or concerns, please email me through   wrightg@hdsb.ca   I will do my best to get back to you quickly. 
            Sign up for School Cash Online, as teachers are not allowed to accept money from students. We have been told that students are no longer able to pay with cash or cheques for trips, pizza, school swag.
New News and Learnings - 
        We are well into our science unit on Rocks and Minerals on Wednesday with a video of flowing lava from volcanoes and flowing water in rivers to help explain the differences and similarities of igneous and metamorphic rock.
          Our math unit on Data Management is moving along quite well. We are drawing and labeling our own bar graphs at the moment. We have examined pie graphs and pictographs so that we know how to pull information from them. We know what a key is and we know how to choose the proper scale when drawing our own bar graphs. Mean, median and mode will be examined and applied through practice in order to gain a solid understanding of data and how it is, and could be used in today's world (bias and skewing the data).
          Our first health unit is looking at different foods and food groups in order to determine if we are eating healthy foods on a daily basis and how we can help our bodies stay healthy and happy through the foods we eat.
          From what I am seeing and hearing in the classroom, the boys are enjoying the dance unit, as they incorporate some of their Fortnite disco moves on to the dance floor. Whoever said Disco is dead hasn't been in our room lately.
          Art will revolve around lines, lines, everywhere lines. Thick ones, thin ones, straight, curved, wavy, lines are everywhere in art and in our daily lives.
          Thanks for getting all the necessary paperwork in at the start of a busy school year.
           Welcome back grade 4's.