Welcome to Mr. Butt's and Ms. Sila's Kindergarten Class!

Welcome to our Glenview Kindergarten Webpage! In this class we learn, and we have lots of fun doing it . We are looking forward to going on this amazing journey with you. The best ways to get in touch with us are in-person, before school, by e-mail or by putting a note in your child's Zippy. If we do not respond to emails within 24 hours, it probably got lost cyberspace. If you have an urgent message, please call the school and have them contact us. We will try our best to call you back as soon as possible if need be.

This site is to provide you with basic information about the Kindergarten program. Current News will be delivered daily via Google Plus or the app REMIND. We also use a program called GoNoodle that involves breathing and brain exercises as well as getting the kids active through dancing!

We have two modes of communication, in addition to e-mail, that we would like to utilize again this year- Google Plus Community and Remind.

Hope to have a great year!


Mr. Butt and Ms. Sila

buttc@hdsb.ca Silao@hdsb.ca


We will have gym on Friday, and will spend a great deal of time doing QDF and exploring outdoors the remainder of the week. We suggest that your child's indoor shoes are running shoes, so that they are prepared for gym and QDF activities.


We will be attending the Library every Monday to exchange our books and have reading buddies. The Grade 5 students will help our students exchange their books.

Please Note: Students are required to return their book from the previous week before they can sign out a new book.

Names you might hear:

Mrs. Reddon

Mrs. Reddon is a Teacher at Glenview. The students will visit her each week to exchange for Music and Gym!

Each teacher gets planning time, to help prepare for our students, and to provide time to assess them one-to-one. This year, the following teachers provide planning time in our class:

Mrs. Sheahan

Mrs. Sheahan teaches Grade 6. He will be covering our class Wednesdays for a short period of time.

Reading Buddies:

Every week our students are going to be visited by Mr. Brandreth's Grade 5 class for some reading. It should be an amazing time.