• Picture Day tomorrow
  • Return the math test (signed) by tomorrow please.
  • Math due tomorrow. Page 10-11 #3,4
  • Sugar cookie sales continue tomorrow. $1 each.
  • Math tests signed and returned if not done so yet.
  • Book Exchange tomorrow
  • Election Day on Friday for the Student Vote!
  • Kidssentials on Friday
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Friday
  • Student Vote tomorrow!!!  We spent some time this morning researching the candidates.
  • Math worksheet due tomorrow.
  • Chapter 2 Response due tomorrow for "The Altruism Trial" serial story
  • Kidssentials tomorrow
  • Great day today Grade 5's. We did our Student Vote for the Municipal Election. The results will be revealed on Tuesday morning.  
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was fun. On Monday we will be doing a comparison between the movie and book.
  • No homework this weekend. We read Chapter 3 of the Altruism Trial. We will be doing a reading response and writing activity as follow-up next week.