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Welcome back from the Montclair School Council and Home and School Association!!

Welcome back from the Montclair School Council and Home and School Association!!

The School Council is a group of parents, community members and Montclair staff who
advocate on behalf of the Montclair Students.
The Home and School Association is a group of parents and community members who also
advocate for all students. They are responsible for the fundraising at Montclair and help
determine how the funding will be used to enhance the students' experience at school.
Quite often, parents are both members of the Home and School Association and the School
Council. Meetings for both groups are held at the same time so that the two groups work
together on behalf of the students. Our meetings are at 6:30 pm in the library on the first
Monday of each month. Our first meeting is Monday October 2nd. Everyone is welcome.
If we know ahead of time, you can bring your children and a babysitter will be available.
We are always looking for volunteers for our various events. These include the weekly
distribution of pizza, monthly distribution of lunches and smoothies, dance-a-thon, End of Year
BBQ and other events. It also includes assisting with the winter clubs and reading with children.
We will try to accommodate your schedule whether you have some time during the day,
evening or weekends. Grandparents, parents, nannies and neighbors are all welcome.
If you will be working with children, the HDSB requires that you have a police criminal reference
check with vulnerable sector screening. You can get these by applying at the police station.
Each additional year you must also complete an Annual Offence Declaration.
We welcome all input and feedback. Please contact us with any concerns or ideas.

Thank You,

Montclair Home and School Association

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