The Final 30

Performance Task

Submission have closed for the 2018-2019 school year.

Exam Review

Exam Formula Sheet

What we covered in this course?

* Probability

o Theoretical

o Experimental

o Subjective

o Complement

o Odds for and against

o Tree diagrams

o Venn diagrams

o Mutually exclusive and Non-mutually exclusive

o Independent events

* Permutations

* Combinations

* Factorials

* Rule of Sum(OR)

* Compound events(AND)

* Problems with identical items

* Pascal’s triangle and applications

* Binomial Theorem

* Probability distributions

* Uniform distribution

* Binomial Distribution

* Hypergeometric distribution

* Surveys – sampling techniques, data types, bias ect

* Graph types

* Measures of central tendency

* Percentiles

* Standard deviation and variance

* Normal distributions(Continuous, discrete, continuity correction, binomial approximation)

* Confidence intervals

* Coefficient of correlation

* Line of best fit

* Residuals