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Scholastic Book Fair - Dec 13th,  Dec 14, Dec 19th, and Dec 20th

The Scholastic Book Fair will be at our school next week.  It will be open several periods a day giving all classes the opportunity to come down and browse and make purchases.  It will also be open Tuesday December 20th from 5:00 pm until the start of the Holiday Concert. This is a great place to do some holiday shopping and give back to our school!  A Book Fair pamphlet has gone home with each student and on the back of it there is a chance for a student to win $25 in books for their home library and $25 for their classroom library.  The draw will be made Monday December 19th in the afternoon, so the ballot must be returned before that time for a chance to win.  Thank you for supporting Limehouse Library!

Thank you to our community for the overwhelming support for our Indigo Adopt a School Program Library Fundraiser. The final total is in and we are thrilled to have raised $1200.00 for our school library! The students and staff are very excited to be able to add so many great new titles to our collection.

Indigo Adopt A School Fundraiser!

Thank you so far to our community for it's support of our Indigo Adopt a School Library Fundraiser!! If you are looking to contribute there are different ways to give. You can donate directly in store at the Georgetown Marketplace Indigo Store. You can also donate online at Indigo Adopt a School. The funds received through the program will help support the passion for literacy at our school.  Please visit Indigo Adopt a School until October 9, 2016 (only 6 days left) to show your support for our library. We forward to surprising the students at Limehouse Public School with all the new library books this year!

Welcome to our Library, the hub of our school!  We are situated right across from the teacher's staff room near the office, and we're always happy to have students and staff visit.

Often students find a quiet corner to read or a large workspace to complete a project in our library, and are always welcome to browse the shelves.  The younger classes come down weekly for a story-time session and book exchange, while our older students exchange books as they need them. They often have a novel signed out or a non-fiction book of interest. 
The graphic novels and magazines seem to fly off the shelves!  Parents, we hope you enjoy the books your children bring home with them, and help them return their books in good condition so they can check out their next read!
Come & peek inside the Limehouse library!

Come & visit the library for your next great adventure!