The Learning Resources Department

  • We work together with administration, guidance, student success, classroom teachers, students, and of course parents, to ensure that every identified student is reaching their potential. 
  • We are located beside student services on the main level of the school, and are open every period of the day for any students who need support beyond what can be offered in the classroom.
  • Our staff also provide direct support in classrooms depending on the needs of the student and the class.

Learning Resources Staff:

Wendy Malloch
Department Head
Heather Tummon
SERT (Gifted)
Matthew Hendry
Cliff Murphy
Gagan Thiara
SERT (Applied math)
Anne Jackson      
Susan Wade
Julia Schonborn 
Kristen Dalley

Room 184: The Learning Resources Room
  • Room 184 is open as a drop-in both before and after school, and during both lunch periods. 
  • We have a teacher available to help with homework, provide support with organization, or students can use our room as a place to collaborate on group projects or just have a quiet place to work.
This space can be accessed by students wanting accommodations for evaluations, support with school work, or intensive support.