Welcome to the"Indomitable Intermediates"
Please scroll down this entire page to see important and new information.


                   Go Tigers!

*Welcome back to the 2017/2018 school year!!!
*Check the homework section regularly
*If you would like an interview with your teacher please email them to set something up
***Always have a change of clothes for gym and proper attire***
*Always be on time for class!

-1 ruler
-1 calculator
-3 highlighters
-1 pencil sharpener
-1 pencil case
-1 box of pencil crayons
- a few erasers
-a few pencils
-a few blue/black pens
-1 reusable water bottle
-1 geometry set
-white out
-1 pair of scissors
-1 glue stick
-1 lock for their locker
-a healthy lunch everyday
 Don't need
-we will be providing each student with dividers and a binder to use for all subjects
-we will not be using agendas this year and opting to use this site to track homework instead

 *TBD in September once teachers have their schedules
*you can always ask your homeroom math teacher