About our Library

At Heritage Glen your library team strives to make the library a meeting place for all!  We offer an engaging collection of books and resources including materials meant for recreational reading and curriculum support.  In the H.G. Library you will find books in both English and French including early readers, picture books, jr. chapter books, graphic novels, chapter books, non-fiction books, reference books, book kits, magazines, dual language books and access to electronic books as well.

The goal of our library is to get students, staff, and parents excited about visiting the library, using ideas and information so that they are life-long learners.  We aim to build an environment that supports, motivates, and encourages all students to read.

To support these goals we strive to:
  • Provide interesting reading and viewing materials suitable for all reading levels and in various formats and languages check out this site for some ideas: Goodreads
  • Celebrate and recognize holidays, events, cultures and traditions relevant to our school community through displays, lessons and read-alouds
  • Encourage the use of library resources through challenges, contests, clubs, and activities
  • Work collaboratively with staff to support the expectations of the Ontario curriculum 
  • Maintain a current collection of library resources and materials
  • Embrace and adopt technology in the library as an extension of our print resources
  • Support our H.G. school goals of helping each student to feel important and valued by focusing on Social Justice themes and activities
  • Create and awareness of information resources beyond school library collections