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Questions and Answers

Many of our Online Summer School Policies and Procedures are covered in this section.   Please read carefully.
If  you do not find the answer to your question below, please contact Vice-Principal of Online Summer School Mr. Steve Oliver :

 Q: Is there a Face to Face Orientation on the first day of Summer School?No.    Online teachers will be available to support students at summer school sites every school day during July. 
 Q:  What if I am going on vacation and can't get online when I am away? You have signed up for an online course.  You need to be able to access the internet every weekday during the course.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have internet access.
 Q:  How much time per day do I have to spend working on my course? Summer school courses are very rigorous.  You should plan on at least 5-6 hours a day of work. 
 Q:  Do I have to write the exam in person?No.  Exams are written online. You can do this from anywhere. 
Q:  Can I start my course early?  Can I finish it early?Summer school courses will not begin early for  you.  Teachers are contracted to begin working on July 2.  Courses are also structured so that they end on a specific date.  Only under exceptional circumstances would an early exit to the course be considered. 
 Q:  Can I write my exam on a different day that the day it is scheduled? All online summer school exams will be written on FRIDAY July 26.  Times to be determined by individual teachers. 
 Q:  Does it matter if I use a Mac or PC? No.  The system that we use  works fine on both. What matters is the browser that you use.  Please use the most current version of Google Chrome. 
 Q: Do I have to be online at specific times of the day?No.  You can work on your course at times that are convenient to  you. The important thing to remember is that you don't want to fall behind.  If you don't login for a few days, the work will quickly pile up.
 Q: Can I take more than one summer school course? No.  Summer school class run on very tight timelines. 5 months of material is covered in less than 4 weeks.  There would be too much material to cover if 2 courses were attempted.