Hello and welcome to the Grade 8 @Tuck website. This is the place to keep up to date with pretty much everything in the grade 8 world. Each grade 8 home-room teacher has a link/page located here. 

Each teacher will post information that will be important and helpful in your success. There really won't be an excuse for not knowing what's going on and being on time and up-to-date on things.

Grade 8 Team

Tuck Tech Guidelines

Using the Tuck’s tech is a privilege and not a right. It can be taken away when students are not following these guidelines:

  1. Tech is never used without teacher permission

  2. Tech is ONLY used for school related purposes

  3. Social media (Instagram, YouTube, message boards, etc.) are not school related, unless directly supervised by a teacher and part of a class activity

  4. Group chats are not permitted unless directed by the teacher as a part of a class activity

  5. Personal electronic devices are to stay in lockers and to be turned off during the day

  6. Students are to use only the accounts they have been granted access to (do not share passwords)

  7. Pictures and videos of students should only be taken with permission

  8. Students should respect equipment by treating it with care

  9. Tech should not be used during eating periods unless supervised by a teacher and away from food and/or drink

  10. Students have a responsibility to report to teachers when another student is using tech in an inappropriate way