Grade 7's

Hello and welcome to the Grade 7 @Tuck website. This is the place to keep up to date with pretty much everything in the grade 7 world. Each grade 7 home-room teacher has a link/page located here. 

Each teacher will post information that will be important and helpful in your success. There really won't be an excuse for not knowing what's going on and being on time and up-to-date on things.

Grade 7 Team

Achievement Chart Categories

What do they mean?

Knowledge and Understanding (K)

-Knowledge of basic facts

-Understanding basic operations (+,-, x, /)

-”Right or Wrong”

-Includes all required steps/items

Application (A)

-using facts you learned and applying them in a different way

-solve problems in a variety of (innovative/creative) ways

-use/extend current and past skills and strategies

Thinking and Investigating (T)

-Make a plan and follow it

-Checking over work to make edits

-Prove / explain answers in many ways

Communication (C)

-organize ideas and solutions

-appropriate use of key terms from the unit

-explain thinking in oral, visual, and written forms

Level 1- “limited evidence”, “Keep up the Practice”

Level 2- “some evidence”, “On the Way”

Level 3- “considerable evidence” , “Just Right”

Level 4- “exceptional evidence”, “Above and Beyond”