Exam Support

Learning Services would like to review with staff the process and supports in place to supporting our identified students during summatives and exam time.  This may involve simply arranging to have access to a chromebook or just reviewing with the SERT what will work best to support the student with the assigned task.


Please consider the following when planning support for your students:

  • All accommodations for exams must have been used during the semester for prior assessments and evaluations. Please review IEP’s (available online through IEP Engine).

  • Discuss with students their options for support to write exams (according to their IEP).

  • Students who only require extra time and/or a quiet environment should be writing in their classrooms unless it is not possible to provide this environment.

  • Students who require Assistive Technology ‘must’ have used this technology prior to the exam. They cannot expect to be trained on the day of the exam.

  • Requests for support need to be provided in advance as SERTs are providing support to various students (in some cases many different sites).

  • Be specific about assistance required, especially with respect to technology (AT should be used regularly leading up to the exam)

  • Teachers are asked to provide the student’s exam in an electronic format if they are using Assistive Technology prior to the exam date

  • If exams require scanning, there needs to be time provided to complete this task.


As always, please continue to keep in regular contact with your SERT when questions or concerns arise over student progress.