Resource Support (Alternative)

The Learning Services Department at Gary Allan High School offers a variety of supports to assist students with their learning.  The delivery model of support will vary depending on the site and the type of programs being offered.  It's important to speak directly with the SERT at each site to receive a clear understanding of the supports available.  

What all sites offer:

In collaboration with the teacher, Learning Services will determine a plan to work on with the student, identifying specific goals or supports that are needed.

What can we offer a student?

  • support around assistive technology (some identified students may not be utilizing technology in the classroom)
  • review strategies that may benefit students who are struggling with managing in the regular classroom setting
  • provide students an opportunity to meet with their assigned SERT to review current progress and supports
  • SERTs will be using new technology to help promote greater student engagement- use of chromebooks, iPods/iPads

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