Welcome to Grade 4. We are looking forward to a great year together.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send a message to lacroixl@hdsb.ca

In math, we have just finished up our unit on mass and capacity.  Students compared and ordered objects using standard units of mass 
(e.g., gram, kilogram) and/or capacity (e.g., mililitre, litre), and selected the most appropriate standard unit of measure.  Students determined 
the relationship between grams and kilograms, and mililitres and litres. 

For the last month of school, students will investigate fractions, decimals and probability.  With fractions, we will compare and order fractions,
and explain the relationship between equivalent fractions.  We will represent fractions using concrete materials, words and standard fractional 
notation.  With decimals, students will read, represent, compare and order decimal numbers to tenths.  We will explore probability through simple 
probability experiments (predict, conduct experiment, compare prediction to result). 

If you have any questions please email bothmam@hdsb.ca
Mrs. Bothma