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Greetings!  This is the online site for Mr. Featherstone's classes.

Assignments, projects, homework, and test dates will be posted here! 
Class code translation: 
ENG1D1 = Grade 9 Academic English; 
ENG3C1 = Grade 11 English
EWC4U1 = Writer's Craft; 
HHS4U1 = Families in Canada (sociology, psychology, relationships, etc.)

To contact Mr. Featherstone, email

Unless other arrangements are made, assignments should be printed out (hard copies - Mr. F. already spends too many hours in front of screens) and ready to hand in when the bell rings.

The current trend for word processing in high school and beyond is:
Times New Roman
Font 12
Double Spaced (with no extra spaces between paragraphs, unless intentional)

If sick for a test or assignment, please let him know, and be prepared to write on your break the day you return.