Welcome to Grade 11 College Preparation Biology

Course Description
This course focuses on the processes that occur in biological systems.  Students will learn concepts and theories as they conduct investigations in the areas of cellular biology, microbiology, genetics, the anatomy of mammals, and the structure of plants and their role in the natural environment.  Emphasis will be placed on the practical application of concepts, and on the skills needed for further study in various branches of the life sciences and related fields.

What do we do?

Relating Science to Society, Technology and the Environment
Grade 11 biology will focus on big ideas that are meaningful and relevant to the real world.  Students will learn to examine scientific issues from multiple perspectives.  Students will apply theoretical concepts to practical applications that may include field work, computer simulations, investigations, case studies, debates, dissections, etc.  Every effort will be made to link what is done in class to the broader community so that students can make their own decisions about issues related to science.

Conducting Scientific Inquiry
Scientific investigation skills will extend from grade 10.  A great emphasis will be placed on research skills as students will be given numerous opportunities to access databases, search for and analyse information. Scientific investigation (inquiry and research) involves creativity, divergent thinking and collaboration.  Students will have multiple opportunities to initiate, plan, perform, record, analyse, interpret and communicate scientific knowledge.  These areas will be revisited throughout the course so that students can practice and refine their inquiry and research skills.

Understanding Basic Concepts
Students will acquire conceptual knowledge so they can understand the role of science and technology in their daily lives.  

For more information please see the course outline: SBI3C College Biology Course Outline