Welcome to Healthy, Active Living - PPL2OF/M!!
(F=Female; M=Male; where possible, PPL2O courses are separated by gender)

What do we do? Our goal is for you to find enjoyable ways to be healthy and active for life! This course will build on the application of movement skills and principles learned during PPL10. It will also focus on refining a variety of skills in traditional and non-traditional physical activities, and to continue to develop your physical literacy. Reflection on previous goals and creating new actions plans to be successful will be emphasized in the gym, the classroom, online, and in the fitness centre. Healthy eating is also an important part of the course, in particular the benefits of healthy eating to various physical activities, the risks of dieting and other unhealthy eating behaviours , and making appropriate revisions to personal eating plans that promote overall good health.

 Major Task – the Final 30% of the course will be a combination of activities. Students will demonstrate their competency in movement skills, game strategy, and the application of health issues to their lives. The project will involve choice in topics and format, to be determined by each student. 

Highlights – Our facilities include modern gymnasiums, a body management based fitness centre, and three turf fields to enjoy a variety of activities.  Special events are scheduled through the year and include rock climbing courses in our own gym and field trips to a variety of local sporting venues. With a student centred approach, we aim to build a flexible learning environment that draws on the interests and learning styles of our students, so come with your ideas, enthusiasm, and be ready to have fun!

Important Notes - In order to participate fully in a safe way, please ensure you have clean indoor and separate outdoor running shoes. It's important that you bring your gym clothes with you every day - and take them home for a cleaning once in awhile! A Hayden t-shirt will be provided for all students, with the opportunity to purchase an extra t-shirt from the school store. Hayden shorts and sweatpants will also be available for purchase. Pack a bag with suncreen, a hat, deodorant, & extra socks because our days can easily change based on the weather. We look forward to a great year!

Future Planning - This course is great preparation for a variety of senior level Healthy Active Living programs, including: Health & Physical Education (PPL3O), Personal Fitness (PAF3O), Outdoor Education (PAD3O), Health for Life (PPZ3C). Any combination of these courses will be offered each year, based on student interest during Course Selection. We have also been approved to offer a Specialist High Skills Major in Sport! Be sure to check out this program if you have any interest in pursuing a career that has any type of connection to Sport!