Mr. Hogan

Semester 1 Timetable:

Period 2 - PPL1O4 (Gr. 9 Immersion HAL - L'Éducation Physique) 
Period 4 - PPL1O4 (Gr. 9 Immersion HAL - L'Éducation Physique)
Period 5 - PPL1OM (Gr. 9 Boys HAL)

HAL Schedule:
 Period Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Google Classroom:
The codes for each course will be given out in class.

All students are asked to wear a proper uniform for all activity classes (gym, fitness centre). Every Grade 9 student is given a Hayden t-shirt on the first day of the school year. If necessary, students may also wear any Hayden t-shirt (including clubs/teams). Students are also asked to purchase the Hayden shorts. Visit Hayden HAL Uniform for fee information.

Assessment & Evaluation:
Updated marks will be available as follows:
  • Students will receive an updated progress report every Friday following 5th Week Reports.  This can be accessed through their '' email.
  • Parents will receive an updated progress report every month (beginning in March).  They will also be given an update at each reporting period (5th Week, Midterm, 15th Week, Final).  These reports will be available via the parent/guardian email provided.
Contact Information:
Instagram & Snapchat: @coachhogan87

Please contact Mr. Hogan ( at anytime with questions and/or concerns regarding your progress in PPL1OM or PPL1O4.

Club/Team Websites:

#HSSU (Hayden Student Sport Union)