Welcome to Grade 12 Mathematics for College Technology!

This course enables students to extend their knowledge of functions. Students will investigate and apply properties of polynomial, exponential, and trigonometric functions; continue to represent functions numerically, graphically, and algebraically; develop facility in simplifying expressions and solving equations; and solve problems that address applications of algebra, trigonometry, vectors, and geometry. Students will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they solve multi-step problems. This course prepares students for a variety of college technology programs.

Instructor: Mrs Kumka

School phone: (905) 332-5235

Office hours: 8:40 AM - 3 PM
Extra help: during lunch and/or after school

MCT4C Google Classroom code: ypy8qyg

Please bring a tablet, laptop or chromebook to class. Make sure you have a notebook, a pencil and eraser or an app on your tablet to take notes in class. All class notes, assignments, projects and homework are posted on Google Classroom.