AMU 1O1 Grade 9 Music

Grade 9 Instrumental Music - Mrs. Jagger and Mrs. Barry

Welcome to Grade 9 Instrumental Music

Music class is mostly about performing!  In class, learn new techniques and set goals to improve on the skills you already have on your instrument. Focus will be on improving your tone quality and expressiveness. Along the way, discover the theory behind how the music you play is created. Engage yourself in the many styles of music through listening to the elements of music. Apply your knowledge by composing and performing for others.
With perseverance ,hard work and a positive attitude, you will find success and a life long enjoyment of music.

Essential Elements Book two will be our main method book. Concert band repertoire and small ensemble music will vary per class according to skill level of performers.

Musicians are encouraged to bring their personal instruments and reeds.

Concert Performances: December and May.  Join one of the many co curricular ensembles available.

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