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Bienvenue a la deuxieme annee

 Our last songs of the year in the Chansons de Classe folder
Summer is Coming, message below!
Please make sure to return all library books as soon as possible

Hello Grade Two families,

   A website decreases the amount of paper coming home in your child's backpack and ensures you are getting important notices (since you are checking it yourself). Please refer to this website as a source of information that will include important dates, project information, web links and daily life in our classroom.

    For communications, we will be using your child's agenda. It is the best way to notify us of an absence, appointment, early pickup, etc. since we check it every morning. Please note that during the day, we are in class, teaching, and therefore may be unable to take phone calls. We will also use email for parent-teacher communication, though please note that it may take some time to respond to your message as we are teaching throughout the day and may have duties or meetings at lunch times and may not get your message until the day is over. We will respond as soon as possible to all messages.

Your partner in learning,

Mlle Clucas 


**please excuse any errors that may be on the site.

Summer is coming!
Summer is quickly approaching! Students are becoming very excited as the school year comes to an end. We will be sending home a lot of work and students personal items over the next week.

While we will be doing a lot of fun activities we will also continue in our learning. Students are expected to continue to be respectful in class and participate in guided and independent learning.

Over the summer, we hope you have lots of fun and stay safe. If you are looking for ways to practice or to continue French learning, my classroom website will remain available until around the last week or two of August. The Milton Public library has many French resources as both branches including, CDs, Audio Books, Books, DVDs and computers with internet access.

Important School Inforatmion

1. School Hours

 - Our school day runs from 9:05am-3:25pm

- Please arrive by 9:00am (first bell) and line up outside our portables (2 and 3)

- If students are unsure of which class they are starting in we encourage them to check with a peer and teachers will do our very best to direct them to the appropriate portable

- Should your child arrive after 9:05am, please sign them in at the office

- At the end of the day, students should be picked up at 3:25pm outside of portables 2 and 3

2. Parking Lot

- The North Parking Lot is for Staff only

- The South Parking Lot is open in the AM for Kiss and Ride drop off of Kindergarten students (these cars are marked with a car tag)

- In the PM, both Parking Lots are closed (for the safety of our students and their families), drivers will need to park on neighbouring streets and walk to pick up children

- Our school moto is "Walk a Block" which encourages all of our families to walk to and from school each day where possible

3. Rainy Weather procedures

- Indoor recess will happen in the portables

- If it is raining in the morning before school starts, supervision starts inside the school at 8:50am

- Students who are in portables should go inside the school and wait for the bell to ring

- When the bell rings students can go out to their portable and will be greeted by a teacher 

4. Please note that parents should not be entering the building (including portables) before or after school. Should you need to enter the school or portables at any time during the day it is important that you sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge. This is for safety reasons for our students, staff and families.
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