Our goal is to support student growth in their technical, creative and critical thinking skills so they can not only navigate but participate in an increasing intense visual world. They will be creative contributors and producers, while at the same time we provide 
them with opportunities to showcase their talents, and voice their ideas through the Arts.
Art of the Week:          Nastia  Portnov, a grade 10 student has been given props for Art of the week.   In her Found Paper Assemblage she has made a subtle but powerful juxtaposition...can you see it in her work?...if not, ask her when you see her where it is.

In The World of Art

Do you know about the film series, ART21?  If the answer is no then you should.  It is a globally recognized program that explores the artist of today and how they participate and engage the world around them.  It take a intimate look into the power, context, and experiences of current artists and how they are navigating the world in which we live.
                    Visit    ART21


NOV 22 AGO FIELD TRIP GRADE 10, 11, and 12.  Access Permission Forms below.

NOV 23, 25, 26: The Addams Family Musical
Tyler Paroshy,
Nov 3, 2016, 5:41 AM