Construction Services

Hillcrest offers several methods of Hotel Development. If a turn-key approach is needed, we offer design services through our architectural partners. We also offer pre-construction consulting services to help you make the right decisions on franchises and locations. If the Owner already has an architect, we can work alongside that design team in a Construction Manager Role. With either method, we charge a flat fee per room to deliver the hotel to the Owner. All bids obtained from our extensive network of subcontractors will be reviewed with the Owner. Our bidding methods have been proven to save substantial amounts off budgets and deliver the absolute lowest price for the project.

Pre-Design: Having a good team in place before the Design Phase begins is essential. HDI's expertise can guide these important first steps including:
      • General project characteristics and performance requirements
      • Site analysis and selection
      • Coordination with ongoing activities and other public and community concerns to minimize interruptions
      • Development of a preliminary budget and comprehensive master schedule
Design: In the Design Phase, the plans and specifications are reviewed to help verify that the design as presented is clear to all parties. HDI’s value engineering reviews are also employed at this stage to ensure that the project is designed in the most cost-effective way. Other aspects that HDI covers in the design stage include:
      • Perform life-cycle cost analyses and other reviews to maximize the return on the construction investment
      • Solicit, evaluate, recommend, and monitor design professionals
      • Develop a detailed design and construction schedule and supervise its implementation 
      • Development of detailed and complete bid documents and blueprints
      • Review the project design in a way to minimize changes and problems that would have later emerged during construction
      • Develop detailed component cost estimates 
Bidding: When HDI is the sole authority in the construction process, prospective subcontractors are more inclined to offer their best price upfront because they know they are dealing with the ‘winner,’ not just positioning themselves for the next round of negotiations with whichever contractor made enough mistakes to be the low bidder. This results in legitimate lower costs, better value, and a speedier Bidding Process. During the Bidding Process, HDI will:
      • Conduct pre-bid conferences to clarify project’s needs and assure responsive bids.
      • Assure that all bid documents are clear with complete scope and details
      • Evaluate and compare bids, then select the subcontractors
Construction: During the actual Construction Phase, HDI ensures that the project intent is carried out according to the original design by having a full-time project supervisor on site. We implement controls during construction to make sure that the project is managed efficiently and effectively. This includes conducting progress meetings, handling submittals and requests for information, documentation of progress, review of pay requests, and constant schedule and budget reviews. Other duties we cover during construction include:
      • Assurance that all subcontractors fully understand the project’s design and requirements at every stage
      • Timely reporting concerning construction progress
      • Work to anticipate difficulties, resolve issues early, and keep the work flowing
      • Manage monthly draws and collect lien waivers to prevent liens on the project
      • Coordination of the final stages of construction, including contractor’s punch lists, operation and maintenance manuals, and other similar tasks that must be completed before the project is closed out