Why this web site?

This site was created as a resource for  students, parents, teachers, mental health workers, and community justice and law enforcement professionals by the  Oregon Safe Schools Alliance (SSA).

The Safe Schools Alliance is a
network of school districts and public agencies that work together to discuss and enhance policies and procedures that promote safe and secure school environments. 

What is Bullying and Cyberbullying? 

Bullying is a serious problem that can happen anywhere and is not something that kids will just "grow out of" or "get over."  Bullying is generally characterized by the use of power to control or harm others, with the intent to cause that harm, and is done repetitively. It can be done verbally, socially, physically, and in the case of Cyberbullying, through the use of the Internet, cell phones, or other digital technology.  Bullying can seriously affect it's victim and cause lasting harm. It is not "just playing around."

Free Digital Citizenship Materials for Innovative Educators

Students interact with music, video, apps, social media and other digital content each day, but do they understand the rules that govern this content? To help teachers with this increasingly relevant topic, Microsoft has released a free curriculum that addresses digital citizenship, intellectual property rights, and creative content rights. 
Digital Citizenship and Creative Content program is aimed at secondary students and offers cross-curricular classroom activities that align with the American Association of School Librarians and National Education Technology Standards. The program is designed to work to support students in becoming respectful digital citizens and provides insights and advice from other students.

Net Centera:  Chatting with kids about being online: