We require all first time users to establish Membership with the HCVI Medical Library.  This will enable better communication between the HCVI Medical Library and the user, and it will help users take the fullest advantage of all of the resources offered through the Library.

The process is simple and involves completing a brief online form.  First, we will collect some basic personal information, which we assure you will remain confidential and will not be shared with others. Then, we will help you establish a Google account, if you do not already have one. Your Gmail Username then becomes your User ID and Login for the HCVI Medical Library. As a Google user you will have access to a multitude of Apps that will greatly enhance efficiency and productivity in your daily life and medical practice (see Why Google?  in the Navigation Bar).  Finally, we will help you register for access to HINARI, the free online medical library offered in resource poor countries such as Cambodia. This is an incredible resource with fully sourced journals and textbooks in every specialty.  Access will greatly enhance research and learning capabilities and ultimately improve patient care.

You can fill out the form below to complete the registration process before your first visit to the Library or our Library/IT staff can help you the first time you check in.

Member/User Registration Form Cambodia HCVI Medical Library