This site allows you to get the latest update of the college timetable. 


Changes made to the timetable since publication: 
On April 6th, 2018:

MC203 TB (CCK) on Wednesday(1pm-3pm) at F03 change to E106.

MP212 L (CCK)  on Wednesday(3pm-5pm) at F03 change to E106. 

BM362(FongHC) on Thursday(8am - 10am) from D208 change to E106

BM163(FongHC)  on Thursday(10am - 12pm) from D208 change to E106 

BM206(FooSY) on Wednesday,(2pm-4pm) change to (12pm-2pm) at E104. 

MB216(LKW) on Monday (8am-10am)  at B209 change to Wednesday(3pm-5pm) at B209.

MB216(LWK) on Wednesday(8am-10am)  at B209 change to 12pm-2pm at D210

BM161 (FHC) on Monday(8am to 10am) at E103 change to E106.

BM165 (FHC) on Monday(2pm to 4pm) at D105 change to  10am to 12pm at E106.

BM2644 (Dr. Gabriel) on Thursday(8am-10am) at F05 change to E104.

BM361 (Dr. Gabriel) on Thursday(12pm-2pm) at D208 change to D209. 

MC105 (TB)(LYK) on Monday (8-10am) at E101 change to Thursday(8am-10am) at E103.

MC105 (L)(LYK)  on Thursday (8-10am) at LT1 change to Monday (8am-10am) at E101. 

New classes added:

LE050 (Group F) Communicative English (WZH) on Monday (8-10am) at E102 and Friday (8-10am) at E102.