HCST, Moodle & Google

The new HCST Moodle site,, works with our HCST Google domain, and is mobile friendly.

Log into with Google

The only way to login to the new eschool site is with your Google account. 
It is important that you use your HCST Google account and not your personal Google account. Teachers will be sharing resources through their Google Drive, and only members of the HCST domain will be able to access them.
Non-HCST Google Accounts
Non-HCST Google accounts will be deleted on a regular basis, so please do not try to use your personal Gmail account.

Chromebook Users

If you are on a Chromebook then this process is very easy, just follow the instruction in the right column.
Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android Chrome Browser Users
The best way to used your Chrome browser is first be logged into it with your HCST Google Account by default.

Account Creation Steps

Follow the steps below and your Moodle account will automatically be created.

Course Enrollment

Once your account is created,  your teacher can enroll you in their course.

Step 1

Step 2
Click the login link
Click the log in link

Step 3
Click the red Google button
Google Login Button

Step 4
Click the "Allow" button
Click the Allow button.

Step 5
You are logged in. You should see a similar screen to the one below.

Logged IN

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