Attention Parent/Guardians: Your child’s meal application is only good for one school year and up until October 17, 2018.  You must send in a new application every new school year.  If a new meal application is not received by October 17, 2018 your child's meal status from Free or Reduced will automatically change to Full Paid.

The meal application for the 2019-2020 School Year will be available sometimes in July 2019.

 Type  Price
 Reduced  $0.30
 Paid Middle School  $2.50
 Paid High School  $2.75
 Adult Meal  $3.00
 Adult Entree Only $2.25

 Type  Price
 Reduced  $0.40
 Paid Middle School  $4.00
 Paid High School  $4.25
 Adult Meal  $5.00
 Adult Entree Only $4.00